Christmas - Fellowship Church style

Ed Young announced some of Fellowship's Christmas Eve service plans this year. He wrote, "I challenged our team to think beyond the ideas and experiences that have served Fellowship Church well in the past. The enemy of creativity is predictability and Christmas is not the time to be predictable."
  • A mixed-media marketing campaign including promotional packs for local businesses, car antenna balls, a direct mail send out, and something we've never tried before.
  • Vibrant t-shirts featuring our Christmas service information and giving them away to our entire church to wear throughout their Christmas shopping, with an emphasis on one specific shopping day.
  • Giving out a CD with music and a short message to play in the car on the way to and from church.
  • Engage multiple senses - starting in the parking lot. Groups of carolers will be circulating and we'll be handing out hot chocolate and apple cider. Looking into setting up fire pits for marshmallow roasting.
  • Ramping up parking and greeting ministries, adding teams to give people a warm greeting as they get out of their cars.
(HT: Ben Arment)