Christmas with the Becker's

We had our first Christmas gift exchange last night with our neighbors and good friends the Becker's. Stephanie, the kids and myself have really enjoyed getting to know and sharing our lives with Daryl and Amy. They are great people who have done many things to help us out. We are sad to see them move 10 miles away from us, but we are excited for them as they build their house and await the birth of their first child.

Stephanie got a really neat Beth Moore Bible study called 'David: 90 Days With A Heart Like His,' which takes the reader on a personal journey and study of the life of King David. I got C.J. Mahaney's book, "Living a Cross Centered Life." Plus the kids got some fun sticker/coloring books.

Thank you Daryl and Amy for being such wonderful neighbors and friends. I hope you have learned as much from us as we have from you.

PS- Daryl don't keep your gift all to yourself. Share the love.