Collection of My Thoughts

At the stroke of midnight 2007 begins. I also will turn 27 years old. Sitting in my living room right now watching the sticky wet snow collect on the ground provides me the chance to observe the stream of thoughts running through my head. Want to hear some?

- Wow I can't believe I will be twenty seven.
- My kids drink too much juice.
- I hope the Packers win tonight.
- I get frustrated too easily with my wife and kids.
- I wish people could understand what I really think and feel, all the time.
- I wish I could understand what other people really think and feel, all the time.
- Why do my kids love to play in the bathroom?
- My wife and I need to have more conversations.
- How late should I stay up tonight?
- I am still hungry, my peanut butter and sandwich were not enough.
- When is everyone coming over today?
- I think Stephanie got me a Bible for my birthday. I can't wait to find out.
- Wireless internet is the best!
- I love my kids and wife. I have a wonderful family.
- Should I yell at my kids for slamming the door? That was always a big one in my house growing up.
- I want to write more in 2007.
- I want to read more in 2007.
- I want to become more like Jesus in 2007.
- The pastors had too many points in his sermon today. Too much to think about and respond to. He needed to focus on something and 'land the plane' sooner.
- Frick, my satellite isn't working because of all the snow.

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