Shout Outs...

My wife is embarking on a major journey that has the potential to be life-transforming. I am so proud of her honesty and her willingness to step up and do something about a problem that has bothered her for awhile. Way to go babe!

I am super excited for my sister Carrie. She has some really neat stuff coming up on the horizon in her life. I am completely jealous of the opportunities she has before her. She is going to be doing some things that I totally would've loved to have done when I was her age. But it is not all public info yet so please don't go digging around. Congrats Carrie!

Wanted to say thanks to Tony Morgan. Tony is on staff at Granger Community Church in South Bend, IN. He is a super cool guy with a great blog. I continue to be impressed with his friendliness and accessibility. Most large-church pastors are not available at all, and yet I have emailed and chatted with Tony multiple times. The reason I want to give him a shout out is because by chronicling his own journey through the Bible he has inspired me to be more vigilant about my own. Thanks Tony!

I am deeply curious about what is going on with History Church and Ben Arment. Ben is a guy whose blog I have been reading and learning from for the last year. I hope to connect with him in person someday. Plus his wife and mine have become blogging buddies. It sounds like History Church is turning a corner and that it will take a major God thing for it to succeed. My feeling is that it is an exciting and scary time for the people of that church. I will be praying for you and your people Ben.