The Joys of Life (updated)

I was supposed to get the oil changed on my truck this morning at 9. Then I was getting a new tail pipe put on at 10:30. But last night Stephanie told me my front tire was flat. I have to go outside and try and change it.

Oh is like 9 degrees out there this morning. Should be a blast!

Update: A big-hearted friend of mine (Joe Parker) came over with an air pump and filled up my tire so I could drive it to the repair place. Thankfully, the flat was caused by a bad core valve (whatever that is) so they didn't charge me to fix it. I had another tire in the bed of truck that they pulled a nail out of, so now all my tires are in operating condition.

The tail pipe has been a fiasco. I made three trips to Napa Auto Parts trying to get the right one. Nothing has worked. So this morning I went to talk to a guy at Elk River Muffler and Brake. He is going to get a new pipe made and installed for me tomorrow morning. Joe has been a huge help to me in the whole muffler/tail pipe process.

Lesson learned: do the whole job right the first time. Joe installed a new muffler for me this summer, but we figured the tail pipe was fine. Well, a few weeks later it fell off. So I've had no tail pipe for the last couple months. Now, I'm having a heck of a time getting the right one. I should have just done the whole thing right the first time and eliminated myself all the headaches (literal and metaphorical) now.