10 Traits of the Man Who Dwells on God's Holy Hill

Psalm 15:1 (ESV) asks,

O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?
Who shall dwell on your holy hill?

The answer to that question is detailed in the rest of the chapter.

Here are the 10 things (with some explanation) that Psalm 15 identifies as the traits of the man who dwells on God's holy hill.
  1. He walks blamelessly - there is no questionable behavior in this man, he does what is good and just and merciful, sinful talk and action is far from him
  2. Does what is right - in all circumstances this man strives to please God and carry out the life that Jesus Christ modeled
  3. Speaks truth in his heart - integrity spews forth from his soul, there is no falsehood, no double-mindednesss, no deceit in him
  4. Does not slander - his mouth does not utter words against others, he deals with issues directly with those involved, if he has nothing good to say about someone he remains silent
  5. Does not reproach his friend - anger and correction and always having to be right are not his ways, he loving helps others and doesn't try to remove everyone else's plank
  6. Despises what is evil - what God hates...he hates, he does not involve himself in sin but fless from it and never justifies wrong doing
  7. Honors those who fear God - praises and follows those who love God, looks for mentors and puts into practice the wisdom of those who have gone before, remains humble
  8. Is consistent and keeps his word - does what he says he'll do, accomplishes what he promises, does not waver or sway or bend to others
  9. Does not borrow other and charge interest - is marked by generosity and kindness, looks to help others and benefit everyone rather than just himself
  10. Does not take a bribe against the innocent - works to help those in need and those who cannot help themselves, recognizes when others are acting wrongly and does not get involved
This is quite a list, but it is exactly the kind of person that all people should aspiring to become. I can only pray that God would bring forth these traits in my life.