A&W Awarenesss

An interesting thing happened at the store last night after I left. Apparently there were only two groups in the store, a family with young kids and a group of teenagers. While sitting within close range of one another the teenage kids started using four letter words and other crudes language.

It was loud enough that one of my employees (the mother of a young child herself) could hear it from the front of the store. Infuriated by the lack of sensitivity and sensibility, the employee stormed over to the teenage potty-mouth table and told them that they were in a family restaurant and that they needed to watch the language.

What a wonderful example of awareness and customer service. The family with young children even came up and thanked the employee for her boldness. I am proud of my team and the way they responded. They recognized a problem and took the initiative to solve it. Going a step further, they kept their eyes on the kids and made it a point to interrupt some potential cheeseburger vandalism in the bathroom before the teenagers left. (The kid did get away with plugging a toilet but that is minor compared to having cheese and ketchup smeared on the walls.)

Way to go A&W team!