The Brenton Fan Curse

Usually whatever sports team I am cheering for losses.

This Sunday I thought the trend was going to continue. After watching the Saints get pounded by 'Da Bears' and seeing Indianapolis falling behind 21-6 at halftime I figured that the 'Brenton Fan Curse' was in full affect. However, it was not to be so. Peyton Manning rallied the troops and the Colts stormed back in the second half. Both my wife and I were on pins and needles during the last quarter, but Indy gutted it out and held on to win an exciting game.

I really like watching Peyton Manning play. He has such command over all faucets of the game. He works hard in practice and studies during the week so that he is ready for each opponent. It is amazing to watch him walk up to the line of scrimmage, gaze out over the defense, change the play 3 times, snap the ball right before the play clock expires, and then hit Marvin Harrison for a 20 yards gain. His teammates must have high levels of confidence in a guy that leads by his own example of hard work and preparation.

Manning is a great illustration of many important leadership principles, and he is a breathe of fresh air in a sports world filled with overpaid, arrogant and lazy players who think the world owes them something. I am glad for him that the Patriots/Tom Brady monkey is off his back. Now Manning can focus on pulling an un-Marino type feat and winning the Super Bowl.

My prediction: Colts 31-Bears 24.