Customer Service Rants and Emails

I sent out a couple customer service emails today and I decided to post them here as well, rather than writing out the whole experiences. Hopefully these two reputable companies will follow-up and I can report back on their wonderful responses. Starting with Chipotle...
Hey guys, I appreciate the product and I am a huge Word-of-Mouth advertisers for you guys. Anytime I am with people who have never eaten Chipotle I take them there for dinner.

However, today when my family visited the Maple Grove store our experience was not quite as great as usual. The bathroom my 3 year old son and I used was dimly lit and smelled bad (like dirty, old water). Then when my wife brought our 4 month old into the bathroom to change his dirty diaper there was no place to lay him down except the floor. I love your food but the bathrooms bummed me out.

I'll probably blog about this so I would appreciate your response.


Moving on to Barnes and Noble....

I am a regular visitor of Barnes and Noble stores. Most of the time my experience is pleasant. However, I have been dissatisfied with the customer service I have received when trying to return items. I don't understand why only certain members of the sales team can do returns.

What has happened the last two times I have returned items, is that I have had to stand and wait at the front counter until 'official return people' find their way to the front of the store. I would think that these people would be stationed at, or close to the front, especially after Christmas when return numbers are high. Having to stand and wait 5 minutes while other registers are working seems like bad customer service.

I will be posting this on my blog and I would appreciate your response.

Thank you,
Brenton Balvin
I guess now we'll all just wait and see.