A Good Church Under Friendly Fire in St. Louis

Why is it that Christians have to throw such a fuss about other Christians who consume alcohol?

It is like some Christians just want to fight with other Christians about stupid stuff. And too often the people with the issues are the people who aren't making an evangelistic impact on anybody anyway. Maybe they have time to pick fights because they aren't busy doing any ministry work?

Darrin Patrick leads one of the youngest and fastest growing churches in his area. And yet other Christians in his area want to pick fights. Makes me shake me head...

Update: Darrin shares some of his thoughts on the article in a comment on Steve McCoy's blog. Here is an excerpt...
The Journey's policy on alcohol is that we do not personally encourage nor do we corporately promote alcohol as a church. The article could be read to sound like we have grown as a church because of our "beer ministry." Totally ridiculous.

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