Keeping Your Leadership Focused

A friend of mine shared some good thoughts today on the idea of focused leadership. He writes,
So, I find myself saying no to a lot of things that are tangential to the job I was hired to do. This is a skill you will need to learn if you hope to be successful in leadership. If you are a good leader, people will ask you to be involved with lots of great things, but if you are not taking care of what you are supposed to do at your core, you will lose your base. Don’t every lose your base. What you are known for, what got you there in the first place. Keep your base job strong.

If you say yes to something, ask yourself what you are now saying no to? If you are a busy person, anything you add to your schedule will weigh on some other thing you are already doing. Keep focused on what got you there, keep performing with excellence. Stay off bad time committments - trust me on this one.