Leading from Memory or Imagination

One of the things I am trying to do is breathe new life into the restaurant I manage. It seems as though things have been run the exact same way since the store opened. Creativity in marketing and sales has been almost non-existent. So I am working hard to bring new imagination and life and creativity to the place, especially in the area of marketing where we compete with a number of other stores in the area for customer visits and name recognition.

A few of the things I have done include:
  • adding more signs in and outside the store
  • getting on TV for our Toys-for-Tots donations
  • partnering with the local high school hockey team to sponsor 'Mite Night' which includes free root beer for little kids and having our life-sized Bear mascot skating around on the ice during 4 hockey games this season
  • placing crayons on all the interior tables for kids to play with while they wait for food
I am working on:
  • building a sponsorship with the local Baseball Little League
  • building relationships with local church leaders to provide them with discounts when they want to do ministry over lunch in my store
  • getting our root beer mascot signed up for some summer parades in the community
I think Mark Batterson's words about creativity are relevant for me both in business and church leadership.
Creativity isn't optional. Not if we're serious about loving God with all of our minds. There are only two ways to lead: out of memory or out of imagination. Either memory will overtake imagination or imagination will overtake memory. Leading out of memory is repeating the past. Leading out of imagination is creating the future.

Imagine a generation of leaders with sanctified imaginations giving God everything they've got