Learning and Returning

I was listening to the Simply Strategic Podcast today and I heard a great phrase. Ron Sylvia from Church Of The Springs in Ocala, FL said he believes that people have a responsibility to 'learn and return.'

This means that when God teaches us a lesson, be it in ministry or in our personal lives, we have a responsibility to pass that lesson to others who may benefit. For Ron Sylvia that belief plays out in his devotion to help church plants and church planters (check out the Purpose Driven Planting website for more info).

This concept if very similar to something Matt Chandler talked about in a recent message. He stressed the importance of inter-generational ministry, highlighting the fact that strong Christian adults have a vast amount of experiential knowledge to pass down to younger people. In fact, Titus 2 talks about this very thing, instructing older men and women to
'teach what accords with sound doctrine' to younger generations.