Precious Moments and Milestones

Today Jacob's papa and nana took him downtown to watch the Sesame Street Live show and then back to their house for a sleep over. After eating lunch and saying goodbye it was hard not to marvel at how big my little buddy has gotten. The days of being a stay at home dad and spending my days reading theology to him and watching Dr. Phil don't seem like that long ago. I am so thankful to God for being given the amazing responsibility of raising such a wonderful treasure. Jacob brings unending streams of joy into my life.

The added bonus of one child leaving is the amount of focused energy I am able to give to the other two. Isabelle and I had such fun today tickling and wrestling and reading and singing. She packs more energy and passion into everything she does than any other child I have seen. At Target today she didn't stop showing me things and enthusiastically pointing out the name of everything she could. And this doesn't even include her random requests for 'pop', 'ice cream' and 'bubble gum.'

Andrew doesn't do to much yet, but we did have some fun laying on the ground, tickling and drooling (him not me) and watching golf.