Is Christian Bartender an Oxymoron?

A friend of my brother recently started a new position as a bartender at a local restaurant. It wouldn't really be a big deal except that the whole idea of a Christian bartender has caught my brain.

I think I am going to write a position paper on it and I am hoping that I could get some input from those of you who read this blog. Please email me your ideas and feelings at brentonbalvin(@)gmail(dot)com.

Here are a few of my questions...
  • Is there a direct correlation between serving someone alcohol and contributing to their sin?
Update: I think I should clarify (thanks to a well worded email I received) that I don't believe drinking alcohol, in itself, is sinful. I believe that being intoxicated is sinful. So a better stated question would more clearly get at the fact that is may be that a Christian bartender has to make the call on who can have another drink, and who should be cut off. Hence, the correlation between serving alcohol and contributing to sin.
  • Don't bartender's, particularly female ones, (at the most root level) make the most money in tips by causing customers to lust after them, and doesn't this kind of behavior add to the objectification of women?
  • What do you think Jesus would have said about such a scenario?
  • Is it fair to only accuse bartenders of enabling other people's sin when many other professions (such as a restaurant manager) don't face the same responsibility?
  • Wasn't Jesus acting as a bartender when he turned the water into wine?
  • Does bartendering put us into the position, knowingly or not, of causing the weaker brother/sister to sin?
I might add some more questions later but I would appreciate any feedback you all have on these.