Prepare Now for Your Life Tomorrow

There are some great thoughts being posted on the Waimea blog recently. Here is something that hit me in a very personal way as I step back and analyze where I am at in life.
But, right now I know I am somewhere on the road, but not yet where I am supposed to be. I think this is a common theme among leaders - we prepare prepare prepare and then we strike out into new territory. This implores those leaders to not waste the time between destinations but rather train and prepare for what might come next.
Maybe you could think of life as a series of stages. There is a learning stage and preparing stage. A performing stage and executing stage. An evaluating and growing stage. Right now I am in a preparation stage. I don't know exactly what I am preparing for. But I now that God has me in his hand and that when the next step comes I will be more ready and confident because of the groundwork that is being laid in my character and life right now.

I can not waste my time right now. I need to be training for the future. This is something we would all benefit from thinking about. Time can never be recovered, tomorrow will come inevitably, and the question we will have to answer I becoming more today of who I want to be tomorrow?