What If Bill Hybels Had Blogged?

Blogging is unique in that it provides a peak for readers inside the thoughts and actions of the people who blog. This kind of self-revelation and public journaling was never available before the blogging phenomenon.

It is cool to read the stories and follow the journeys of so many interesting and wonderful people. And it is especially intriguing to watch what God is doing in churches like Granger, Ridgestone, Reston, National, and New Spring. Only blogging (and blogging pastors like Tony, Gary, Ben, Mark and Perry) can provide such a unique, inspirational and fascinating window.

Can you imagine what it would have been like to read the blogs of guys like Bill Hybels and Rick Warren in the early years of pioneering their amazing churches? It would still be neat to catch a glimpse of the current daily mind of Hybels, but reading the highs and lows, struggles and challenges, wins and God-moments of Willow Creek in it's infancy would have been great.

Thanks to all you pastors who are sharing your personal and ministry journeys with the rest of us. I pray for you and I would love to support you however I could.