Why the English Standard Version is the Best for Preaching

Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church on...

"Why is the English Standard Version best for preaching?"

There are two sets of reasons—theological reasons and practical/pastoral reasons—that have led the elders to decide that the ESV is the best translation for our preaching ministry and why we prefer the ESV to other translations. The theological reasons are listed below. To read the complete argument (including the list of practical and pastoral reasons why we are switching to the ESV), please refer to the complete version of this document.

  1. The ESV upholds the truth that Scripture is the very words of God, not just the thoughts of God.
  2. The ESV upholds that what is said must be known before what is meant can be determined.

  3. The ESV upholds the truth that words carry meaning.

  4. The ESV maintains the theological nomenclature of Scripture.

  5. The ESV upholds the complementarian nature of gender in Scripture.

  6. The ESV upholds the truth that while Scripture is meant for all people, it cannot be communicated in such a way that all people receive it.