Why I Don't Allow Comments

Dave emailed me a question that other readers may have been wondering,
"Great blog, but why no comments?"
Here is my response to him and to you,
"Dave, thanks for the email. I am at a point in my personal life where I have to evaluate the 'why' behind the different things I do. As a Christian one of my biggest struggles is the desire of man's praise rather than God. (Galatians 1:10 ESV)

When I started to look more critically at my life I found that my tendency was to blog for comments and site visits. In essence, I was finding my personal and ministerial worth based on how many people linked my blog or read my blog. Thankfully my wife and some good friends helped me see this was unhealthy and so I decided to turn the comment feature off indefinitely .

Now I blog because...
  1. I find things interesting and want to share them with the world,
  2. I have a search able record of my ideas and thoughts,
  3. So my friends and family can be informed about my life,
  4. To be a resource to pastors and leaders,
  5. So that hopefully I can help other men and women grow in their love of God.

Thanks again for visiting my site and taking the time to email me."