Bethel Wins the MIAC Conference Championship

It was an exciting night for my alma mater as the Bethel University Royals beat St. Olaf 6-3 to win their first MIAC Championship ever. Despite the slippery snowy conditions the Balvin family headed across town to watch my brother Jeff play and we were not disappointed. Jeff played an inspired third period, which including scoring when one of the most awesome goals I have seen all year.

Picking up the puck at the offense blue line Jeff cruised down the zone diagonally towards the net. He faked a move towards the middle and then slide back to the outside creating a sharp angle at the net. The fake got the goalie to dip his shoulder down just low enough so that Jeff could 'roof' the puck up into the upper part of the net. I think I might have kicked the girl sitting in front of me when I leaped off the bleachers to celebrate.

It was a fun night and the success is a long time coming for the Bethel hockey program. Here's a link to the official game story: Bethel claims first regular season MIAC Title in team history with 6-3 win over St. Olaf