Bethlehem Baptist Gets an Online Facelift

Bethlehem Baptist Church (where John Piper serves as teacher elder) has recently launched a new website and is going to begin using a new logo. I think the site is sharp-looking and contains a lot of valuable information. However, all the content could be its primary drawback; it will depend, I guess, on how user friendly the different links and pages are.

Here is an excerpt of what Piper had to say about the new logo and website...
We love the way the green color breathes with life -- the gift Christ bought for us on the cross. And we see the circles as people coming to the cross and exploding to the world. We think the new logo captures more of the vision of Treasuring Christ Together, since Christ is at the center of it and because it works for all the campuses, not just downtown. May the Lord make us living, Christ-exalting, cross-centered, and gathering worshippers and world witnesses!
So is green the 'in' color for church websites these days? (Mars Hill)

I think that having a good looking church website is only going to increase in importance as time goes by. More and more people are searching for churches online. Many people will make a decision about visiting or not visiting your church based on your website alone. I think that investing in a nice, clean, sharp looking, user friendly website (that includes both information and experiences, such as podcasts and vodcasts) is a vital part of any First Impressions ministry, and it is something that cannot be over-looked or under-funded.