Building, Knocking Down, and Rebuilding

When we picked Jacob up from his Sunday school class today we asked his teacher if he had colored any pictures. She told us that he hadn't; instead of drawing Jacob was building lego brick towers and then knocking them down.

Later, as Stephanie and I were driving home, we were laughing about how Jacob is becoming such a 'little boy.' I remarked at how frustrating I found it growing up to spend five minutes building a tower and then knocking it all down in just seconds. Knowing that the tower would fall so much more quickly than the time it took to build it removed all the fun for me. I guess the same metaphor works with raking leaves into a huge pile and then jumping in them, or cooking a wonderful meal and then scarfing it all down.

My wife pointed out that the whole concept would be a good sermon illustration. Instantly I knew what she was talking about. Building, knocking down, and rebuilding a tower could be a metaphor for my life the last couple years. All the hard work I had done in school, marriage and the many other planets of my life's solar system came crashing down in an instant last February. And since then I have been undertaking the much longer, more difficult task of rebuilding. Fortunately, I am not doing it alone, and this time, I am intentionally rebuilding on a foundation that will last.

Moral of the story: don't waste hard work for momentary pleasures.