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A Calvinist Faces Death

The last nine months have been filled with all kinds of trial and thought and change. It has been a roller-coaster on so many levels of my life, and this very much includes my theology.

What do I mean by that phrase - my theology. Well, to be technical, the word theology comes from two Greek words, 'theos' (meaning God) and 'logos' (meaning words or expression). So the word theology means, words about God. It has also come to mean, the study of God or the expression of things pertaining to God. In my context here I am discussing the shift in my theology as a shift in some of the ways I understand God to involve himself in the world.

An well-learned individual in this area should easily infer here that I am talking about issues of God's sovereignty. In its shortest and clearest form...I may be becoming a Calvinist. Wow...its kind of scary to put those words out there. I am worried about all the rebuking I would get from hard core Armenians. And the barrage of arguments and 'what if/but how could a good God' questions. It is lucky for my sanity that I don't have comments enabled here.

But before I get any email I want to say that I am more a person in process than a person who has arrived at rock solid conviction. Not that I won't some day get there, I am just not there yet. By typing and posting this I am inviting you the reader to take a peak and my normally private spiritual world. You may more accurately say that I am giving you a glimpse into where I am theologically at a given point of time. That does not mean I will stay here (because I have been here before- sophomore year in college 1999) but it is where I am at now.

I am far from figuring it out, but I am learning and praying and reading Scripture and trying to make sure that I am living out of a strong theological core that puts Jesus at the center of my life and orients everything I say and do and believe.

Long introduction to say that I found the Time Magazine interview with Al Mohler informative and intriguing. In my opinion Mohler does a great job of answering the interviewers questions and making much of God. He also succinctly answers a few complex questions and challenges to Calvinistic theology. No matter whether you are a Calvinist or not, you should read this interview and see how good God looks.

Here are a couple excerpts...

This may be rude, but what response would you expect from Calvinist friends in the event that you had died?

I'm human enough to hope they would grieve my loss, but praise God's mercy in allowing me to live as long as I had and to know that God's plan for me — and them — includes what we wouldn't have chosen, but that we know to be perfect and best.

How would a Calvinist have viewed your successful recovery versus a non-Calvinist?

Some non-Calvinists might say, I'm glad he survived, but I'm so sorry this accident happened to him. A Calvinist would say "God had something for him to learn through this that will be important for his formation for eternity."

(HT: Steve McCoy)

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