Idiot Drivers

To be honest, frequently I am an idiot driver.

It happened today. As I was driving through the parking lot at work an older woman walked across the road in front of my truck. Trying to be polite I took my foot of the gas and slowed down until she was out of the way. Then, as I proceeded by her, she turned and yelled at me to slow down. My instant reaction was to rev the engine a couple times and then drive off.

As soon as I did that I was ashamed. How stupid. That lady is a potential customer of my store and if she sees me walk into the restaurant she's not ever coming in to eat. More importantly than that, doing what I did takes away from my ability to ever share Jesus with her. By acting like a jerk I am closing myself off from relationship with her.

A couple weeks ago a similar thing occurred. I was on the freeway near work and I changed lanes to pass some slower cars. When I went past a woman in an SUV she used her finger (a specific one actually) to show me her true feelings about the situation. So, when she tried to move over herself, I slowed was down just enough so that she wouldn't be able move over. Unfortunately, she ended up following me almost all the way to my store. Again, another potential customer and convert could have been lost because of my ridiculous behavior.

Man I am dumb, and I am more immature than I would like to admit. Thankfully the Holy Spirit uses these instances to show me just how far I have to go in becoming more like Jesus.

Just be careful when you're on the road near me.