Jacob the Goalie

I am so excited about the fact that my son Jacob is in love with the game of hockey. Not quite sure if I could handle being a goalie parent, but at least he is getting into the spirit of things. Almost every time we play hockey together Jacob will randomly announce that he is going to the penalty box for 2 minutes, or other times he says the the Zamboni is coming out on the ice so he has to take off his helmet and go to the living room (locker room).

Tonight we are planning to put some jerseys on and play a little one-on-one. How fun is being a dad, eh. For a couple more hockey pics, and many other random Balvin family poses, check out our Flickr site. Be sure to leave a comment there so we know whose visiting.

*Update - Izzy joined the fun for a couple seconds. If you couldn't tell...Daddy really likes the Maple Leafs.