Nap Time is for Sanctification

This is a list of some of the excuses and behaviors my kids have used to avoid taking their nap today (and almost every other time they lay down in their beds)...

1. I need a drink of water
2. I want my clothes off
3. I have a booger (both my kids pick out a booger almost every night before they fall asleep)
4. I need my 'Elmo' or 'Doll'
5. I am not tired
6. Leave the door open
7. I don't know how to go to sleep
8. Turn on the radio
9. I want a different blankey
10. It is hard to go to sleep

I have no idea how Stephanie gets through this everyday. It makes me so upset when they won't just lay down and sleep. And then I feel guilty about over reacting or getting too angry. Plus, I remember being a kid myself and how much I hated having to go to sleep; I still hate going to sleep.

It all makes me wonder how Jesus would handle the situation. Because that is truly how I want to do it. I thank God for using my kids to show me my own sinfulness and also for using them to make me a more loving and patient person. I believe that the Spirit of God has something to say to us in all situations if we will be open to him and listen for his voice.

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