The Need for Husbands to Pray With Their Wives

A couple years ago Stephanie and I attended a one day marriage conference. One of the main challenges we heard there was for husbands and wives to pray together every day. This was one of those challenges that came with a 'no if's, and's, or but's' clause. Unfortunately our good intentions after that day were somehow thwarted by the flow of life.

However, when the new year rolled around one of my resolutions was to pick up this prayer practice again. I believe that it has made a major difference. Praying together every night forces Stephanie and I to come together as a couple, both physically and emotionally. It provides an opportunity for us to share intimate feelings, concerns, praises, worries, and hopes. By laying out our hearts before God in prayer we are opening ourselves up to one another and carving out space to be vulnerable and authentic.

We have found that by bringing ourselves to God we end up drawing closer to one another. Think of an equilateral triangle. As two individual persons (the bottom two corners) draw separate lines upward to God (the top corner), any given point on those two lines becomes closer to its counterpoint on the opposite line. Meaning that the result of developing intimacy with God is developing intimacy with your spouse.

Men, husbands, the Biblical mandate is for you to take a loving, servant-hearted lead with your wife. (1 Cor. 11:3; Eph. 5:23) You MUST be the one to initiate the prayer time. You MUST be the one who leads the prayer and does the majority of the praying. You MUST be the one who brings the thanksgiving and petitions before Christ. You MUST lead your wife and your family. The onus for spiritual growth in a household is the chief responsibility of the man in the home. So men, lead and serve and guide your families towards Jesus.