Pick-up Truck Miracle

During January I was having some problems starting my S10 truck. I figured it was the starter going bad but I never had a chance (or the funds) to fix it. It got so bad that Stephanie and I would have to push the truck and pop the clutch to get it going. I know it sounds crazy but doing that kind of thing with her really made me feel good, it was a moment that solidified out marriage.

But, since that is not a scenario that could continue forever I had to bite the bullet and buy the part last week. Thankfully a friend was able to install it for me and get the truck starting again.

Until the next day.

When I woke up to start my truck and drive to work nothing happened. I had a meeting so I had to drive to work in my wife's van, but before I left I removed the battery and got it tested. The test said the battery was good, which left a bad connection somewhere in the electrical system as the most likely explanation for the non-start. Bummer.

Stephanie and I prayed the next two nights and asked if God would heal the truck. I figured, if he could heal people and raise people from the dead, that he should be able to heal an electrical connection. Then, on Saturday morning my dad stopped by to look at the truck. He opened the hood, inspected the connections (which we good), jumped in the cab and turned the key. And...the thing fired right up! Unreal.

God is so good!