Puritan Wisdom on Preaching

The Resurgence blog has a great set of talks by Mark Driscoll on Preaching and Teaching Jesus from Scripture. You can get podcasts, vodcasts, and talking notes here. I heard a great quote from the Puritans in one of the talks. Driscoll quoted,
"The same sun that melts the ice hardens the clay."
This means that our preaching will not appeal to everyone. And nor should we expect it to. Some of the things that we say will connect with people and the Spirit will use our words to bring hope and life to people. But these same words may cause other people to reject truth or harden their hearts. As preachers we should not expect to have everyone love our sermons. Which is alright because the fanfare of all people is not a preacher's goal anyway. Preaching is about communicating and declaring the love of Christ and the truth of the Bible.