You Need to Listen to This

If you are a husband, a father, a single man or woman, a pastor, a teenager, a college student, a minister to youth or young adults, a single mother, or a wife (get the point - this includes everyone) NEED to listen to Mark Driscoll's Feb. 4 message on the Book of Ruth. It is probably one of the Top 5 messages I have heard from him.

While teaching on the story of Boaz redeeming Ruth in Ruth 4:1-12 Driscoll speaks extremely honestly and fatherly to the people in his church. There is a ton of wisdom in his words, especially in his words for young, single men. It is a message that is filled with advice on how to not only love Jesus, but how to live a God-honoring life.

I am so serious about this that I am willing to make CD's of the message and mail them to anyone who emails or calls me requesting a copy. If you want to download or watch the message yourself you can follow this link to the Mars Hill Church page devoted to the series.