The Central Questions My Kids Are Asking

(picture stolen from Stephanie's blog)

Stephanie has been working hard with Isabelle over the last week to get her potty trained and we are experiencing some good results. Jacob didn't get the toilet thing until he was 3. Isabelle is less than 2.5, but I hear girls usually catch on faster and Izzy is very girly. So girly in fact that the last two times her Nana has given her money she has picked out and purchased dress up shoes and the princess dress she is wearing above. Izzy loves to play in her mommy's make-up and she is constantly using the phrase "That is so cute." It is especially adorable (and, I think, very revealing about the feminine soul) how Isabelle will ask me, "Am I a princess?". Which of course she is!

Jacob, on the other hand, is all boy. He wants to play outside, ride his bike, and wrestle. With his gift money he bought a toy shark and a toy T-Rex. Jacob loves to imagine his animals doing battle. The constant question Jacob asks is not like Isabelle's "Daddy am I beautiful?" Jacob seeks my pleasure in himself, he wanted to impress me and show me he can do things. He is constantly asking, "Daddy are you proud of me?" Which of course I am!

All of my kids are so different (I can only imagine what Andrew will be like as he grows older) but I believe that there are some fundamental things that they are seeking from their mother and me. And my job as a parent is to meet those essential emotional needs. With God's grace I am doing my best.

PS- The thought that I only have one more kid in diapers is very exciting.