Does Your Church Have Services or Experiences?

Craig Groeschel, of Life, talks about why his church has started referring to weekend services as 'weekend experiences."
In their book, “The Experience Economy,” Pine and Gilmore explain how people are seeking experiences. I love to experience a great concert, movie, or day at the lake.

More so, people desire (or need) to experience the reality of Christ. As a staff team, we decided to change the name from “weekend services” to “weekend experiences.” It is not that I’m opposed to “service,” I simply prefer experience. Why? I want to help people experience God’s presence.

If the name-change doesn’t do anything else, it helps our staff think differently about what we’re trying to accomplish on the weekends. Let’s experience the holy presence of our Heavenly Father.

Groeschel and another Life Church pastor have an insightful and helpful ministry blog going called Swerve. Check it out.