Funny Kid Stuff from Jacob

If you would have been in the bathroom with my 3 year old son Jacob and I on Thursday night you would have heard the following conversation take place...
Dad: "Jakey, do you know where your poopey comes from?"

Jacob (with passion): "From my BUTT!"

Dad (both of us laughing): "Yes, you are right. But do you know what makes your poopey? What is it made of?"

Jacob (thinking): "Stinky socks?"

Dad (both of us laughing): "No, it comes from the food in your stomach. When you eat you get energy and muscles. It is the extra stuff you don't need."

Jacob (very seriously): "Oh. But Dad, when my food goes all the down here [points to his thighs], then I get diarrhea."
Can't argue with that.