Happy Birthday to My Wife

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife Stephanie!

This afternoon we celebrated with her family at Space Aliens. The kids have been looking forward to it all week. There is a game room there where the kids can win tickets to redeem for cheap toys. It is scary how completely insane Jacob and Izzy get walking into a room filled with lights and noise and chaos.

Last night Stephanie and I enjoyed dinner with a couple close friends of ours. It was wonderful to get out of the house and spend time laughing and talking and eating with people we love. Plus, Stephanie had a email coupon from Houlihan's for a free birthday meal so we ended up splitting a 12 oz New York Strip steak dinner for only $7.00.

Speaking of free birthday food, Stephanie also signed up with Red Robin. We celebrated her birthday early on Friday with the kids there. Jakey and Izzy split a kids meal, and Stephanie and I split a double cheeseburger meal, so we made it out of there only dropping $8.00. Signing up for those restaurant email clubs is definitely a good idea for people on a budget.

But this post really isn't about food. It is about recognizing the most amazing, forgiving, merciful, creative, pleasant, beautiful, God-loving woman I know. Despite the fact that our five years together has had more than its share of ups and downs Stephanie has stuck faithfully by my side. As a stay at home more with three kids under four years old there is plenty of things to complain about, yet Stephanie has preserved and chosen to seek the guidance and strength of Jesus Christ. She is adored by the people around her and she brings a spirit of spontaneity, fun and acceptance wherever she goes. She is an inspiring wife, a wonderful mother, a faithful friend, a strong individual and a blessing to everyone who knows her.

Happy birthday babe!