The Lambs Expose Us

Heard an amazing podcast today from Timothy Keller. There are some life changing things in here that I don't want to forget. It is a teaching from John 21, centering on...

1. What the church should be
2. Why the church alone can never do it
3. How Jesus enables the church to do it

One part of the teaching that really hit me was Keller's challenge to change the world (create an alternate city within the city) through true friendship. He took Jesus' words in John 15:15 and made the saying: "A true friend always lets you in and never lets you down." This means that to be a true friend a person doesn't spin others and doesn't use others.

Keller then told a story to show how on our own we can never be true friends with people. The story was built on Jesus asking of Peter to 'feed his sheep' and illustrated how difficult a thing that is because...

1. Sheep need to be feed, they do not feed you
2. Sheep are needy and weak
3. Sheep are ugly
4. Sheep do not give you affection
5. Sheep are of the Lord's choosing, and not of your own

Keller says it is the lambs that expose us.

One convicting question Keller asks is, "How do you choose your friends? On what criteria?"

This is a great message. You can download it here under the section 'Community.' The talk is called "Eating with Jesus."