Life is Pushes Down the Tubes

A young woman that I work with expressed some anxiety today about what her life might be like after she graduates high school this spring. She wondered, "What if my life goes down the tubes?"

It made me think. Life doesn't just go down the tubes by itself. Rather, we determine the direction of our lives with the decisions we make, the people we spend time with, the places we go, the things we intake and allow to form us, and the passions/desires we pursue and let dominate us. Sadly, many people think that they are nothing more than victims of time or chance, and so they live like there are no future consequences to the chooses they make now.

It is a non-negotiable rule of life that when you takes steps in a certain direction you will make progress towards the end goal of that pathway. Therefore, if you don't like what lies ahead of you in the direction you are walking, then you must turn around and start walking in a new direction.

This is exactly what Biblical repentance is all about. As people separated from God we are walking with our backs to God on a pathway that leads to destruction. Jesus call is for people to turn around and walk back towards God. However, because we are people marked by sin we cannot do this alone. Therefore the Holy Spirit guides and directs us giving us the gift of faith to believe and trust in Jesus Christ.

Life does not end up down the tubes, we push it there.