A Little Cell Phone Courtesy Please

A woman came into the store today with the volume of her cell phone speaker phone at an obnoxiously high level. In fact, it was so loud that the poor elderly gentlemen ordering before her couldn't keep his mind straight and ended up ordering chicken instead of the fish he wanted.

Then the rude woman sat down at a table and ate her meal without missing a beat in her conversation. We even tried turning on the juke box but she didn't seem to notice. I was amazed at her inconsiderateness towards the people around her. She was the star of her own world and she wasn't bothered at all about the affect she was having on the people around her.

How often do I act like that? Living without a consideration for the affect I am having on others.

Side note... how many of you (or how many of the churches you attend) have some sort of 'please turn off your cell phone' message during announcements or in your service program?