Lots of Time With Nothing to Read

Some people always have gum in their purse. Others always have some chap stick in their pocket. Today just about everyone has a cell phone within arms reach. For me it is a book.

I try to never go anywhere without a book. I am pretty sure I picked up this trait from my mom. Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed reading. Many times I stayed up late into the night reading while the rest of my house slept.

Whenever I go on a car trip or fly somewhere I bring a book. I try to take advantage of any delay or down time I have by reading. But today I forgot my book at home and I am dying without it. Work is so slow and I have nothing to do. So I am doing a little Bloglines cleaning and posting all the stuff I have marked 'save.' Hence the multiple blogs posts.

I hate not having a book with me.