Texting the Pastor Will Keep People Awake

The ESV Bible Blog addresses an interesting idea in their post Blackberry in Church? The main thrust of the post is examining the place/effectiveness of teachers interacting with hearers in real time through text messaging. The ESV blog highlights two other posts on this kind of preacher/audience interaction. You can read them here and here.

I love the idea of this because it connects preaching with the place younger people are at. My brother is 23 and he is constantly text messaging on his phone. And so are all his friends. It is becoming, for good or bad, the dominate way young people communicate with each other.

One thing I think would be awesome would be for a preacher to have a 8x10 flat screen on his podium that would display real time text messages for him next to his manuscript. That why (assuming his is a multi-tasking, polished and practiced, not too ADD preacher) he could either save or respond directly to a question or comment from the people listening to him. Something like a touch screen would be nice so that the teacher could easily save/skip/delete a comment without really missing a beat in what he is saying.