When Mom's Away the Family Will Play

Tonight was Girls Night Out for Stephanie so after work I had the kids all to myself.

First we hit up a local park. The weather is absolutely amazing here. 60 degrees and no wind. Since Jacob told me he had to 'number 2' and he was running around the park holding his backside I figured we should head home. This was after I had him standing next to the tennis court for his 'number 1.' Random question: At what point is indecent exposure ticket a real possibility?

After I took a quick shower (which is a scary event with 3 kids in the bathroom waiting for you) we headed to the Community Center play land. The fun didn't last long there though because the kids kept hassling me about going to the bathroom.

So, we came home and hung out for a while watching UCLA beat Kansas in the NCAA basketball tournament. Then we had a snack (ice cream for Izzy and I, popcorn for JT) and watched Toy Story. I have seen that movie more times than any other I think; I still really like it. It is neat how the kids can watch a movie again and again and still find pleasure in it. There is a lesson there for us adults I am sure.

Halfway through the movie it was time for teeth brushing, bedtime stories and prayers. All the playing must have worked because the kids were out in less than 5 minutes. Now to the book I have been waiting to read....