Evening Rundown

Stephanie was in Owatonna tonight doing a Tupperware party and her mom graciously offered to watch Andrew so it was just Jacob, Isabelle and I tonight. Here's rundown of the night with Dad.

4 pm - Jog to the park
4:45 pm - Move on to the next park
5:30 pm - Head off to the Monticello Community Center to go swimming
6:30 pm - Dry off by playing in the MCC play land
7:00 pm - Hang out at the 'coffee station' (Caribou Coffee)
7:30 pm - Wander the toy isles of Target eating some bread samples we found in the bakery area (Jacob is all about the animals and Izzy is all about dress up and Barbie)
8:00 pm - Eat hot dogs, chips and salsa, and apple juice for dinner
8:45 pm - Read a couple books, brush teeth, pray, sing, hugs and kisses, sleep

I wonder if I will ever stop marveling at how beautiful and precious my kids are?

It was pretty special to watch Jacob put his own Velcro shoes on tonight, though it was sad for two reasons: 1) I promised myself my kids would never wear Velcro shoes, 2) It is another milestone of independence for a kid who increasingly needs less help from his daddy. Yes, I know he needs me in many other ways, but those small tasks like getting on shoes, brushing teeth, using eating utensils, etc. are activities that I subconsciously cherish.