The Mess of the Messenger

I recently watched a difficult message from a teaching pastor at a church whose senior pastor had, only days before, resigned due to adultery. These kinds of events are tragic in the lives of all people in a church. The coming months will be filled with all kinds of questions, hurts, anger, and pain. Events like these cut people deep and feelings don't go away quickly.

The reason I bring it up is because the teaching pastor said something that I think everyone should be reminded of, if, God forbid, they find themselves in the same situation as this abused congregation is in. I am paraphrasing but he said, "The mess of the messenger does not deny the truth of the message."

Which means, just because the pastor of that church committed a great sin, it doesn't mean that all the truth of the Bible and the things he taught about Christ are now false. The way that the Spirit has worked in the church is not thwarted by the sin of its primary leader. God's truth will always be truth and no amount of human sin can negate it.