Movie Review: The Pursuit of Happyness

Took the family to Applebee's last night for some 1/2 off appetizers. After working a long day it was great to come home, clean up and then spend some time just hanging with my wife and kids. When we got home we tried unsuccessfully to put the kids to bed (Izzy was afraid of monsters) and so we all ended up downstairs watching the movie Stephanie selected for us, The Pursuit of Happyness. This is a great movie.

In the movie (based on a true story) Will Smith plays a man named Chris Gardner. Gardner is a hard working man determined to support and raise his son (played by Will's real life son Jadan), but he is having an extremely hard time selling a medical device that he used his life savings to buy. After his girlfriend walks out Chris is left to try and provide for himself and his son on very limited income. With the hope of future security and happiness he takes an unpaid internship at an extremely competitive stock-brokerage firm. The movie details Chris' dogged determination to achieve his goals, rise to the top of his internship class and care for the son he loves more than anything.

Stephanie and I both really liked the film
. As you watch it you can't help but have your heart break for Chris and all the terrible things that happen to him that act as obstacles to his goals. However, at the same time, you can't help but be inspired at the way he works so hard and never loses his focus or his belief in his vision of what life could be like. There is a great lesson in this film about pursuing vision and believing that nothing can hold you back from the desires that are in your heart.

It must have been a wonderfully touching experience for Will Smith to create this movie with his own son. Watching the film with my kids sleeping on my lap made me all the more thankful for the many blessings that God has bestowed on my life. I have a faithful loving wife, three amazing rambunctious kids, a warm fully furnished home, enough money for plenty of food and drink, two working cars, good friends who would do anything for me, and so much more.

The question that I need to ponder after watching this movie is: "What vision/ dream has God placed in my heart and what obstacles/ challenges do I need to overcome in pursuit of that end?"

The Pursuit of Happyness (PG-13, limited swearing)
4 of out 5 stars