My Strengths Can Be My Weaknesses

Last week I had dinner with some friends of mine from Bethel Seminary, one of whom is a leadership mentor to me. I always appreciate being around him because he helps me learn about my strengths and how to apply them in my life. Plus I know that he believes in me and wants the best for me in life.

After the meal he and I were talking in his office about some of the things I am learning in counseling (yup - counseling). I was wondering how my strengths fit in with some of the more negative behaviors I am working through.

My friend told me that some of things that factor into my negative behavior are actually God-given talents gone haywire. He said that in many ways I have a hard-wiring from heaven and so the goal shouldn't be to eliminate everything, but rather to redeem it and use it for God-honoring behaviors.

A few days later I read Steven Furtick say much of the same thing. It is like this...

Through my son, I’m learning that the ancient axiom couldn’t be more true:
Every virtue carries with it the seed of its own destruction.

Put another way, an unguarded strength is a double weakness.

The very characteristics that have the potential to make him a great man of God have the potential to ruin his life.

The flipside of the attributes that make us extremely effective can also make us very vulnerable if not submitted to the authority of Jesus and the control of the Holy Spirit.

The actions that I need to take involve arranging my life in such a way that I use all of my God-gifted passions and abilities for His sake and not my own. Obviously there are some areas inside myself that are damaged and need healing. But I don't think I need a strength/ gift/ passion transplant as much as I need a reconstructive procedure that will restore my soul to holiness and godly passion.