Notes on Notes from Joyce Meyer on Leadership

Ben posted some of his highlights from A Leader in the Making by Joyce Meyer. I listed a few of the most relevant ones to my life in the bullet points below. All the commentary is mine.
  • We become refined by going through trials, so don't try to avoid them
I really dislike trials so I try to avoid them. I sometimes think life would be so much better if I could just cruise through without any challenges or problems. It is difficult to look for the good in a trial. Like the old expression seeing the forest through the trees. Trials can loom so large in our minds that we are unable to see anything else, not to mention seeing what God could possibly be calling us to on the other side of the trial.
  • We need to be patient with other people because it's not their fault we're not where we should be spiritually
This is such a great reminder that if we focused more on becoming like Christ ourselves than our problems with others would take care of themselves. I think there is a Bible verse that talks about this, oh yeah....
  • A lot of people have gifts that take them where their character cannot sustain them
It is easy in church work to rely on our gifts and to do the work of ministry without carefully caring for our character. A big danger is that we become prideful of our gifts and we stop relying on the strength of God. Pride then chips away at the other cracks in our character until everything becomes a disastrous mess. Care for your character first, then use your gifts in subordination to your character.
  • God tests us before he promotes us
  • God tests us because he has to make sure we're not going to take matters into our own hands
I feel like God has me in a place of building and testing. I feel as though he is developing in me a reliance and dependence in Him that I have not had before. I am praying that he will promote me from where I am, but I am confident that his time table is better than mine and my only hope is to bank my future on this truth.
  • Jesus spent 30 years preparing for a 3-year ministry
Yikes. Am I up for this? Or am I up for myself and my own longevity, comfort and notoriety? Am I bringing my own criteria and expectations to bear on God about what service to him should look like, or am I willing to lay it all down for whatever he would have for me?