On My Sabbath

I really look forward to spending time with my family on Sunday's. I'm an ISTJ and the introvert in me gets a major butt kicking at work all week. After working in a customer service job which includes a lot of employee interaction and supervision I am exhausted by the end of a 6 day run at things.

On Sunday's I recharge by sleeping in a little, getting the kids dressed and going to church together, grabbing lunch with friends, watching sports on TV, catching up on some book/blog reading, wrestling with the kids on the floor, and watching Extreme Home Makeover with Stephanie. Sometimes I even steal a nap.

Today is nice because everyone is sleeping except for Andrew and I. The only noise in the house is the furnace blowing warm air and my little man crawling around the room investigating anything in arms reach and making sweet baby noises. I can't believe how big Drew is! He just turned seven months old a few days ago and he's already crawling around, pulling himself up on things, sampling most of the food on my plate, cutting a couple teeth, and getting into trouble with his brother and sister. It is only a blink away before the three of them board the bus to private school.