On Saturday Stephanie and I stole a few hours away from the kids to be together.

First we headed to Brooklyn Park to watch my mom perform in a variety show that her school district (where she works) puts on each year to raise money for student scholarships. All in all it was a good show (we only stayed the first half). I felt like it was a little too punny to really be funny but we enjoyed watching my mom in her dance line number. I am both happy and impressed that she put in so much time and work, and that she connected with some other people and did a great performance. Way to go Mom! Then, after the show we hit up Chipotle and enjoyed some tasty Mexican grub in the beautiful warm sun outside at one of the sidewalk tables.

*On the side - it was funny when Stephanie and I were scolded by an older woman behind us for 'fighting' (flirting) with one another in between acts at the show ~ haven't felt like I was 12 years old for awhile.