Some questions...

How powerful is God? Can he completely rewire us and make us view people and situations in ways we never thought possible? Should we, as his followers, be excited and long for this kind of thing? What role does sin play in the prevention, disruption of such change? Why was humanity created? To display the glory of God? To enjoy relationship with him? Why should we think that God would get enough glory/ share enough loving relationship with people on earth only? How much time do I spend asking God to do things in my life that I, though at the time actually don't want him to do, but I know need to be done to prepare me for eternity? How do I consistently love my wife like Jesus loved the Church? Whats flaw/ troubles/ issues does God have purposefully in my life right now (Ross) because he has a refining/ transforming work that he wants to do? How do I bring a cup of cold water to the people suffering around me?

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