Using Technological Tools for Kingdom Purposes

I love what Denny's restaurant is doing to try and attract the college crowd, via Nation's Restaurant News...
Denny’s plan is to become a “social gathering” place for students who want to study for exams or meet with friends over a sit-down meal instead of grabbing a quick burger at a fast-food drive-thru, Polydoroff said.

To lure them in during the promotion, Denny’s is offering meal deals because students are on a budget, he said, and using free Wi-Fi, text messages and banner ads on to communicate with students because they are heavy users of those media.

“It’s pretty new and significant for us,” Polydoroff said. “We never did text messaging before.”

Marketing support also includes direct mail, coupons and ads in college newspapers.

Denny's is striving to communicate to their desired customers in a way that those people can understand. This is the business world's attempt at 'meeting people where they are at.' Younger generations of people are more and more entrenched in the world of technological conversation and expertise. Are our churches keeping up? How are those of us in ministry using the communication tools of technology to connect with people in their congregations? I know that some churches are taking advantage of today's technology in communicating the Gospel but I think this kind of thinking needs to become even more prevalent.

A major barrier to churches using these tools is simply the lack of understanding many pastors and older ministry leaders have regarding the things available to them. So it is often the difficult task of younger leaders to take up the baton and push the marketing/ communicating/ evangelizing envelope. I believe that those of us who are familiar and comfortable with things like blogging, text messaging, and other possible technological ministry venues (i.e.'s Second Life ministry) have a responsibility to humbly inform and teach older generations about the possibilities. Because once people are informed of the benefits they are less likely to push back or reject technological tools.

Who knows, they may even embrace and redeem these tools for the eternal benefit of souls.