Weekend Wrap-Up

I am really proud of Stephanie's accomplishments in the Tupperware business (here is her website). Since starting as a consultant 2 and a half years ago God as blessed us and Stephanie has done extremely well. She often handles different aspects of the teaching as team business meetings and she is one of the top consultants on a very large team.

Friday Stephanie left town for a one day Tupperware training in Madison, WI. It was major event with over 500 men and women in attendance. Stephanie got up on stage and did a 5 minute training session on 'Using the Internet Recruitment Tools.' The training went well and she even got a hug from the Tupperware CEO/President.

Thankfully I was able to clear my Friday afternoon work schedule and spend the day with the kids. We had fun wrestling, eating a hot dog dinner at Sam's Club, looking at the animals at Cabela's, playing in the MCC playland, and watching a movie. Then my wonderful mom came over on Saturday and took care of the kids. You can read about her experience here.

I missed Stephanie while she was gone. This weekend was the first time she has been away from Andrew overnight, and the first time we have spent the night apart in over 6 months. Despite the fact that the Wild game was on and that I was consumed with laundry and dishes, the house got very lonely after the kids went go to bed. Needless to say I was glad when I heard her come in the door around midnight.